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Access Primary Sources Through

The public libraries and our Library of Congress epitomize what true freedom looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like. I love the power of finding a resource that I perhaps didn't even know I wanted. There is something adventurous about that kind of discovery and with the Library of Congress with their collection of 5 million digitized items, that is so much energy flowing through the computer I'm giddy. 
If you want to feel the power of learning, go to There are several things I really like about their home page:
The search feature resembles Google rather than having to know how certain pieces were categorized by librarians in the past.The 9 "buckets," "drawers" - I'm not sure what they are officially called, are easy to use. They are: digital collection; prints and photographs, historic newspapers, performing arts, veterans history, sound recordings, film, maps and manuscriptsTeaching civics, argument writing, policy? con…