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Day 46 Possible Mentor Text: A Man and His Cat

Day 45: How Do You Create Risk Taking in Your Classroom?

Day 44: Responding to Disruptive Students

Day 43: 5 Powerful Questions to Own

Day 42: Busy is an Excuse

Day 41:The Obvious First Step to Behavior Management

Day 40 Deeper-Learning Outcomes

Day 39 - Wobblers and Bouncers

Day 38: For Love of Words

Day 37: Warming and Cooling the Classroom

Day 36 Defining Cultural Humility

Day 35: Teacher Education Program Assessments

Day 34: This is Just to Say

Day 33: What to Teach in Methods Courses

Day 32: Life Before the Internet

Day 31: Kranzberg's Six Laws

Day 30: Habit is a Cable

Day 29: Multi-genre Texts as a Political Statement

Day 28: Effective Reflective Practice

Day 27: Being a Mindful Chef

Day 26: Social Justice Reminders