Day 35: Teacher Education Program Assessments

Ronfeldt, M. & Campbell, S. (2016, June 13). Evaluating teacher preparation using graduates' observational ratings. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 20(10), 1-23.

What is Sacred:
Our department likes to collect data from our students, from our mentor teachers, from our alumni. I am a self-proclaimed anti-data person, but I am also in charge of new teacher induction so I need to know what our new alumni need to know. Also with different teacher preparation programs popping up in Hawaiʻi, what makes us different? Which program is more effective for our teachers and our community? What makes a program more effective?

These are the questions I was looking for but the answer is always more complex than just do this or don't do that. The research really looked at using both observational ratings from graduates as well as other data like how much experience student teachers have before they graduate to try and create a clearer picture.

The conclusion was that the observational ratings have potential and they are more effective when paired with other types of assessments. As far as what really makes an effective program, there is not enough data to create a picture for that. 

Connection to Current/Future Work:
I don't know about connection, I just know that data is hard to understand, statistics are not my thing and academic writing is not aesthetically pleasing or very readable for me. 


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