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Sacred Reading Day 3: Creating Stone Soup

Source: Yilmaz, K. (2011). The cognitive perspective on learning: Its theoretical underpinnings and implications for classroom practices. The Clearing House, 84, 204-212. 
What is Sacred: This article is an introduction to cognitivism, its connection to constructivism and its departure from behaviorism. It is both a definition paper and a source for classroom examples of the educational theories that they are talking about. The purpose of the paper is to take down the invisible wall between teacher practice and educational theory as a way to create a foundation for real educational change. The author argues that as the teacher practitioner, if one does not understand the theory behind the practice, there can be no real change in practice. It is not enough to know content and strategies.   They [teachers] also need to understand what philosophical assumptions and theoretical perspectives characterize a given instructional framework without succumbing to the notion that teachers first an…

Sacred Reading Day 2: Reading Blogs

I always start projects in the most inopportune time. I find that I am more successful that way so please excuse the weird reading and catch up posts. I did read, I just did not have a computer to write so I am gathering odd snippets from my notebook and voice recorder.
Day 2 on the road (or plane) headed to Alaska was about reading blog posts that I saved on my Evernote app because I pay to be able to read that offline. Evernote is a note-taking cloud space but when hooked up to my web browser (Chrome) I am able to read web sites, blogs, articles later by just pressing my Evernote or Clearly extension, tagging it to the right folder and holding it there for another day. I also use Evernote to house my abstracts, proposals, conference powerpoints, notes, etc. so it can be original material or material I want to store for later use. 
Source Merle, A. (2016, April 4). The reading habits of ultra-successful people. [Blog post]. Retrieved     from…

Sacred Reading Day 1: Native Planters

This is only day 1 in my year of sacred reading and writing. I have 364 days left so based on my experience with the year of Sunday dinners (that has continued for six years in two different households now), I know there are certain key elements for success:

Blogging makes me accountable, even if no one is reading it but meTagging helps me (the main reader) find things easily, whether it's a recipe or an article that I need for a paper.Figuring out the logistics and format early on helps alleviate the chore of writing. That is why romance novelists can pump out more books than say George R.R. Martin.Not everything is going to be or has to be profound or totally earth shattering. I just need enough so I remember what I was thinking.Organization is not a suggestion. I keep my highlighted articles in my Evernote (above) and keep my Adobe Acrobrat Pro subscription current at all times. I am working on organizing my Evernote into folders and tag, tag, tag. Key words are the key to find…

Daily Sacred Reading

I was a super shy, cling on to my mama kid living in the shadows of a very young mother who was set on standing on her own after a horrible marriage and divorce and finding her barbaric roar. I think she used to go to Aikido back in Lahaina and at 25 (I was 6 or 7), I watched her take her black belt test at the Waialae Dojo. People came at her and she had to block them, submit them, throw them. It was the most badass show ever. I always wanted to go to Aikido, but the one time I tried, it was so scary I never went back, but I admire that kind of discipline and tenacity and wish that I intrinsically had that in me. 
I think what I learned from her was a tenacity for self preservation and independence, but the discipline part still eludes me. I am hoping that by writing it down and saying it out loud through this medium, I hold myself accountable so here is why I want to do it and what I am trying to do.
I had my chancellor for our university, Dr. Doris Ching, come and talk to my stude…

How to live a life

Here is the truth: I stole this pic from Austin Kleon's tumblr (he of Steal Like an Artist), 
It is from a Mary Oliver poem "Sometimes" from Red Bird.
Here's the thing. I like to read Mary Oliver (and Sandra Cisneros, Naomi Shihab Nye, Maya Angelou, Cathy Song, Juliet Kono) when I need a little inspiration. So at this time, in this place, this is what I needed, so I stole it.  
My husband is caring for his mom and my aunt is in the early stages of Alzheimers. On that side of the family, they all got Alzheimers and my aunt is the oldest sibling of my father, so I think there is a good chance that I will eventually get it too. Because of that, I have been thinking about how to live the life I have now, and then this came and I realize that this is how I want to live for as long as I can. I don't need to be able to drive, to be mobile, to even remember. I can still pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.