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Day 25: Just Stop

Day 24: Be Wrong

Day 23 Just Dots (Thoughts)

Day 22: Common Formative Assessments

Day 21: Rethinking Teacher Evaluation

Day 20: Creating Case Studies

Day 19: Ancient GPS

Day 18: What is Culturally Responsive Education

Day 17: How To

Day 16: A Different Kind of Case Study

Day 15: Reflect Yourself

Day 14: Research on Teaching About and With Informational Texts

Day 13: Bring In Captain Obvious

Day 12: The Place for Song in Methodology

Day 11: The Place of Poetry

Day 10: The Ropes of Resistance

Day 9: Writing Literature Reviews

Day 8: Mana Full

Day 7 Sacred Reading: Reverberations

Day 6 Sacred Reading: Conscientization - Resistance - Transformation