Day 16: A Different Kind of Case Study


Traister, R. (2016, May 30). Hillary Clinton vs. herself. New York Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
This is not an academic reading. I started reading this weekly newsletter from Ann Friedman and it is about what she is reading for the week. She reads a lot, so it makes sense that she has a successful weekly newsletter. Slow, narrow readers like me crave information from the well read. 

Any way, this is a profile about Hillary Clinton and the writing is really both objectively balanced and subjective at the same time. I am not sure how to describe it but it is a no holds barred look at the former first lady, former New York senator, former Secretary of State. It gave me a good glimpse of being female in my mother's time. Most importantly, it paints a clear picture but leaves the reader to look in and leave with one's own interpretation, even though the author makes her own analysis of what she is seeing. 

I don't know if I am making any sense. It's an article about a politician for goodness sakes, but it's good and it is making me think and dream and make connections about the power of writing, the power of mentor texts and deconstruction of parts to teach students how to put things together. 

Connections to Current/Future Work:
My introduction to middle secondary education has the students going out to the field so I want them to re look at observation in a very specific way and especially to concentrate on one student, so doing a case study. I think an article like this could act like a mentor text for a different kind of case study. I want them to be both scientific and clinical as well as make some of their own connections and do some analysis based on interviewing, observation, work, interaction. Adolescence is really about how the student sees himself, how she perceives that others see her, how others really see him - how to get to that complexity and have it aesthetically pleasing is what I am going for. 


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