Day 21: Rethinking Teacher Evaluation

C. Danielson (2016, April 20). Charlotte Danielson on rethinking teacher evaluation. [Web log]. Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
Charlotte Danielson, author of Framework for Teaching weighs in on the ideals originally set forth by her first book and researched by the Danielson Group as well as the Gates Foundation's Measures of Effective Teaching project. What has happened to her original framework is that administrators and systems have taken her growth framework and turned it into a punitive numbers system to evaluate teachers rather than to help them grow and improve student learning. Here is what she continues to say:
It's time for a major rethinking of how we structure teacher evaluation to ensure that teachers, as professionals, can benefit from numerous opportunities to continually refine their craft.
Connection to Current/Future Work:

I spent four plus years training and practicing the art of professional conversations. Of seeing data as a means to improve teacher practice. To grow self-reflective professionals. Danielson believes that in an ideal system, "evaluation" would promote professional learning with requires active intellectual engagement. Not checking traits off on a list.  Active intellectual engagement is about self assessment, reflection on practice, and professional conversation. I totally agree.

 The underlying expectation is that every teacher will engage in a career-long process of learning. The complexity of the profession means that what we look for in teacher candidates is their drive to own their own learning, to own their own hiccups and to constantly seek more professional development beyond what is required.


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