Day 15: Reflect Yourself

Something short.
J. Kobialka. (2016, May 10). Reflection: A tool for assessment, empowerment, and self awareness. [Weblog]. Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
I think reflection is something that I always want to do, something I try to carve out time for, but I am always looking for new ways to do reflection. If teachers are more reflective about their own practice, they are more effective. So this is just a short article on reflection tools. Nothing is new for me, but it's a good reminder. The link is good for further reading. 

Connection to Current/Future Work:
I am thinking about adding some of these reflections for my introduction to middle and high course next semester and I was thinking about making a chart notebook like the calendar I got from my son. It has about five lines, a date and a year. You just reflect with one sentence. It's like a reflect with shout outs and it would follow them until they graduate. Maybe. I can only try it and reflect on it again.


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