Day 9: Writing Literature Reviews

Baumeister, R. F. & Leary, M.R. (1997). Writing narrative literature reviews. Review of General Psychology 1(3), 311-320.

What is Sacred:
This is another stone soup article, but this time I am using this article for an assigned reading for my ED612 literature review course. I am sure that it would have been easier to use a textbook, but I do not believe in one way for all or one frame for all, so I am building several articles and like other stone soup articles, the reader needs to weigh what they need with what the article is giving them to create their own source material.

Therefore, what is sacred just depends. Here is what I pulled out with the understanding that I am looking at this article as a possible source as the instructor of the class and not someone who actually needs to learn how to write my own literature review.
Authors aspiring to write such reviews [literature reviews] must therefore recognize that their task is not simply assembling and describing past work but rather is one of building or testing theory. (p. 312)
What makes this article valuable is the attempt by the authors, using their own lived successes and failures in their writing, to go through how literature reviews are different from other formats, what some of the common goals are in writing literature reviews and some common mistakes of writers.

Connections to Current/Future Work:
This is the first reading for the online discussion. Students will react, respond, question and connect and we will go from there.


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