Day 20: Creating Case Studies

Zucker, D. (2009). How to do case study research. School of Nursing Faculty Publication Series. Paper 2. University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
This paper does a good job of giving concise definitions for different types of case studies as well as some cited research on frames to use to teach students how to conduct case studies. 

an intrinsic case study is undertaken to gain a deeper understanding of the case.
Although this is a nursing paper and the case studies are medical in nature, there is one sentence about education  and that in education, we are able to study the individual as a unit of analysis, and use the case study method to develop rich and comprehensive understandings about people.

Connection to Current and Future Work:
After meeting with my colleague, we decided to change our introduction to middle and secondary education course to include a case study so I am boning up on my case study protocols. The key and the focus for this is for the student teachers to gain a deeper understanding of one student, and through that study, be able to develop a RICH & COMPREHENSIVE understanding of what middle and secondary education can do and must do to engage the students.


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