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Throw The Babies Out & Smile

I had an opportunity last semester to propose a workshop for the AMLE (Association for Middle Level Educators) Hawaiʻi Summit. I knew I wanted to create opportunities for them to lead and share even if they were still students. I have had these students for three years. I have nothing more to give them but my support. It is time to throw the babies out and just enjoy the show. In my usual nebulous way I let them know I was writing something for them to present. I then said I got accepted and put the memo out to see who wanted to come and present. Whoever said yes, not I guess, not maybe, came with me. 
Here is the write up: Title: Our Keiki Are ʻOno! Strand:  Hawaii Lighthouses Description: The University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu middle level and secondary teacher preparation program focuses on the idea that we want to produce teachers who believe that keiki are ʻono and our student teachersʻ kuleana, obligation, is to create the pilina, the relationships with their students that creates a …

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