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For Big Island Educators

In celebration of the October 20, 2009 National Day on Writing, and with the help of NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English), we now have our own local online gallery that is a part of the larger National Gallery. Na Leo o Hawaii, the voices of Hawaii, is for all of us who live on the Big Island. Please help me to get the word out to your colleagues, your students, your kupuna, and please submit your own piece. We are looking for any kind of writing about growing up or living on the Big Island - from eating ice shave at Kawate's, camping at Spencer Beach Park, shoveling snow into your pickup truck from Mauna Kea and making "ice men" in your front yard, or spending New Year's at grandma's house with all the cousins. More information and a flyer will come out when school starts, but the site is up and ready for your own submissions, as well as your family's submissions.

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Keep Learning over the Summer

NCTE's Read.Write.Think organization has a website for learning beyond the classroom. It's full of activities and resources to help children and teens ages 4 - 18 to explore reading and writing all smmer long.

Besides links, there are also podcasts and videos that help parents and kids pick the best books for the best reading experience. Enjoy!