Day 40 Deeper-Learning Outcomes

Source: Martinez, M. (2014, November 13). 6 Rules to break for better, deeper-learning outcomes. Edutopia. Retrieved by

What is Sacred: There are a bunch of short blog articles that I am using as practice for the annotated bibliographies I want my students in intro to teaching to do so this is the first one. Not hard reading, just a practice into reading about teaching.

This one is a break down of rules to break in order to allow deeper learning to happen. The post explains each thing more and links to the author's book. 

 There is an evolving research base that continues to validate what happens in the classroom when we reimagine teaching and learning to be more active and relevant. So go ahead and break rules, particularly those 20th-century rules that stop us from moving to a place where students not only tune in, but are
empowered to self-direct their learning.
How it Connects:
I'm trying to do several things: get students to read work from practitioners, and refine their understanding of student engagement by letting them read about student engagement without telling them what they are reading about.


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