Day 31: Kranzberg's Six Laws

Sacasas, M. (2011, August 25). Kranzberg's six laws of technology, a metaphor, and a story [Web log]. Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
This is a link from a link from a link. As someone born before 1985, and a dying breed of humans who exist as both BI and AI navigators (before internet - after internet), Kranzberg's six laws of technology are indeed both metaphor and story. 

I have been on an annotated bibliography, summary kick, but the writing is superb. Go read the link from the source instead as my writing a summary of Sacasas' summary will be disrespectful of the words on screen. 

Connections to Current/Future Work:
I hone in on the fifth law: all history is relevant, but the history of technology is the most relevant. 

Let's talk about that. I want to have that conversation with my secondary social studies candidates. My colleague and I want to produce secondary teacher candidates that are political about how they teach, political about what they teach. We want them to approach their curriculum as cogent beings. 
I chose this picture above as my own starting point to this conversation of the laws, so let's dialogue. 


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