Day 30: Habit is a Cable

Costa, A. & Kalick, B. (2009). Habit is a cable. In A. Costa & B. Kalick (Eds.), Habits of mind across the curriculum: Practical and creative strategies for teachers (2-7). Alexandria: ASCD.

What is Sacred:
This is the first chapter of a book with an obvious title and it is just going over what the rest of the book will be talking about.

The need to know: Habits of Mind can weave through every content. It serves as the "warp" for the curriculum and the content or courses of study are the "weft."  I had to look it up since it doesn't really explain that analogy in this chapter. Basically, the warp and weft make up the basic elements of all textile weaving, so that is the metaphor.

Connections to Current/Future Work:

I think I will try this out in my courses as a reflection piece, but then as I learn and they learn, perhaps it can be a warp and weft throughout.


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