Day 32: Life Before the Internet

Source: Mirani, L. (2014, August 21). Going Walden: What it feel like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet [Web log]. Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
I am reading a lot of summaries. I think it is about teaching the course on literature reviews which is all about being able to summarize larger works, so my tolerance for larger works is giving way to just wanting to read the summaries and see people put their thoughts together as model texts for what I want my master's students to do. More like wishful hoping?

This summary of Michael Harris' (above) book The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We've Lost in a World of Constant Connection gives a fair reading of the book. It is balanced and does not fall into the trap of personalizing someone else's message in order to tout your own agenda. Nice.

Connections to Current/Future Work:
This really is a read for me and not really for anything other than that. Can I get students to create summaries that link to what they are going to talk about, but keep that agenda out of summaries? I really don't normally do that kind of instruction. I rely on the English 100 and English 200 composition instructors to do that work. I think it was purposeful on my part to get my graduate degrees in education rather than English - mainly I don't want to teach composition as a course anymore. But I digress.

This is for me, as a BI/AI traveler to remind myself that when I feel like I must check in or check my email, check my feeds, etc., I am spending that time because I am afraid I am missing out. I need this to remind myself that when I tell people I am unplugging for the weekend, it should not matter if others do not understand me. I am embracing my Jurassic side that holds on to life before the Internet as an idyllic time where communication meant an ability to plan ahead, talk it out before leaving the house, and then figuring it out with all the critical thinking power of our own brain sans technology.


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