NCTE Gallery of Writing accepting submissions

The National Council of Teachers of English, in preparation for their National Day of Writing, October 20, 2009 has opened up their Gallery of Writing and are now accepting submissions.

The organizers invite letters, memoirs, lists, poems, podcasts, essays, short stories, instructions, reports, editorials, video clips, biographical sketches, speeches, invitations, hopes and dreams—writing that matters most to you. We're looking for a high school senior's college essay, a grandmother's letter to a beloved grandchild, a diary entry from a Desert Storm veteran, and a father's poem to a daughter on her wedding day. We want a toddler's first writing about her trip to the zoo and the firefighter's letter to the editor about the upcoming bond vote. Whatever the form and whoever the writer, the pieces you submit here, with their many voices, many visions, many stories, come together in the mosaic that is America writing.

If you still have questions, go to the National Day on Writing resource page.


52 Faces said…
Oh how lovely! As a writer, essay editor, English tutor, and avid reader, I so appreciate you informing us non-teachers about this!

nice to meet you through Twitter (first person I've actually contacted through that platform)
Cathy Ikeda said…
I hope you were inspired to post something in the gallery! Mahalo.

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