South Africa bound

I am not, by nature, a cocktail party person. I am introverted, more comfortable on the sidelines, and I do not, like engaging in small talk. Writing Project leaders, though, by nature are outgoing, friendly people persons. What do Writing Project people schedule for their first activity at a new site director's conference? A cocktail party of course. An introverts strategy at a cocktail party is to stick close to the person you came with, and if you find yourself separated, then find one person you connect with and stick to them.

That's how I met Cheryl Canada Logan, director for the mid Ohio writing project. Something just clicked with us. She was just back from Jamaica, having worked with teachers there. I talked about my interest in culture-based education and we hit it off. Who knew that the encounter at a cocktail party in Arizona would turn into an opportunity to join Cheryl in South Africa two years later, but that's how things seem to happen in life, so I'm just going on blind faith and a belief in the magic of writing project to see me through.

This is probably the only opportunity to sit in front of a computer until I get to the institute, so have a wonderful summer and I will try to represent my Lehua Writing Project site with honor.


shawna said…
So excited for you Cathy! Can't wait to hear all about it. We have friends in South Africa and are thinking about a late honeymoon around Christmas time. But in the meanwhile I will have to live vicariously through you! Enjoy!!!

P.S. The writing project is going well but we sure miss you!
Tamara said…
Alright Titah Kanoe,
The quiet, introverted ones like you pack the most
punch. When you speak up and share, they will
be blessed. Go represent us very well. I will probably read "Max Was Hea" for the lehua ladies tomorrow.
They are awesome, fluent, weavers of stories. Mahalo
for this opportunity. Share more please. LOL, Tamara.

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