Tech tool: VocabGrabber

Saw this on a tweet and decided to try it with our 6th grade Hawaiian studies readings.
Check it out. Start here.  You'll get the screen below.

I then went to grab some text from the Hawaiian Studies curriculum. This particular one is from the book on Kamehameha V: Lot Kapuāiwa, Introduction Chapter 1, pages 1-3.
I put it into the VocabGrabber and here's what I got.
A couple things I noticed:

  • The list of 37 words on the bottom left are set up like a wordle, so the ability to bring out themes and important words is already built in.
  • It gives you an example from the text which helps when doing a literary critique because you have possible citations.
  • There are visual connections with the main word as the piko or the center (see screenshot below with the word unify)
  • Yes, it does cost money if you want to create a word list or do more with it, but there is a 14-day free trial offer, and on their "educators" page on the menu bar, they give lots of tips on using it in class.


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