ISTE 2012 Monday Highlight

The metaphor:
Today was a salad with dressing on the side kind of day: healthy dose of affirmation, not too heavy on the sales pitches, not too saturated with bells and whistles, and a little bit of crunch to balance the dish.

The facts:
The highlight session for me was session #1 with Dr. Michael Fullan talking about "Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge."

In short:
The session talked about the ineffective role of technology in change knowledge when it was not paired up with pedagogy.

My takeaways:

  • student motivation decreases the older they get (the above graph charts enthusiasm by grade level. At 9th grade, the enthusiasm rate drops to a low of 37)
  • teacher satisfaction also decreases - "55% of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years" - Michael Fullan
  • the necessary breakthrough to combat the downward trends  comes with new knowledge created with the partnering of technology, pedagogy and change knowledge
  • the criteria for new learning needs to include the following four things:
    • irresistably engaging for student and teachers
    • elegant, efficient ease of use
    • technologically ubiquitous
    • steeped in real life problem solving
  • digital saavy is not pedagogy - just because students are fabulous at technology doesn't mean that they are learning

  • goals and success criteria:
    • does the technology in question enable:
      • students to meet the success criteria
      • get there faster
      • achieve higher levels of learning
    • compared to previous similar students not using the particular technology
  • practice impressive empathy - empathy for people who get in your way
  • disruptive innovation in the early stages is not necessarily better than status quo. May not work in the beginning, but get over the innovation dip, and forge ahead.


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