Dissertation Proposal 4 of 4: Timeline

Summer 12 - pre-proposal, lit reviews, submission for B-credit, negotiations for a course (place, time)
Fall 12 - build the course using the village, build in  indigenous, developmental evaluation and sustainability
Spring 13 - submit IRB approvals, paʻa the logic model, recruit teacher leaders
Summer 13 - Alani Summer Institute
Fall 13 - teacher action research and gathering of data
Spring 14 - analyze data, write
Summer 14 - write, collaborate, present

This is a "in an ideal world" timeline that does not take into account the village, the permissions from higher ups, the ability to exist on a non-budget, the recruitment of teachers willing to participate in this work with me, the full time job duties that I already have


the fact that Iʻm supposed to be in 6 or 9 credits worth of my own courses in the Summer of 13 on Oahu when I want to serve my Big Island teachers.

Any suggestions?


BigSpazz said…
If you build it, they will come. (voice in the cornfield, 1989)
Cathy Ikeda said…
Haha! One of my all-time favorite baseball movies. I tear up every time.

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