Not Everything Needs to Be Completed

I wrote a proposal to the HAMS (Hawaii association of middle schools) held in October of 2014. I really was writing the proposal in order to model how simple it was to write a proposal and present at a local conference for my staff. I knew that they had a lot to share and wanted to encourage them to venture beyond their classrooms to start presenting locally and nationally.

To write a proposal for a conference, decide on your passion. That is what I did. It wasn't anything new or exciting, but blogging was my passion and my lens was that blogging could bring back the literacy of our Hawaiian people in the same way that newspapers, the Hawaiian newspapers of old, made Hawaiians the most literate peoples in the world.  

I have not made this my life work, but I still believe it to be true.  Not everything needs to be completed. Maybe someday the opportunity will come back to create a network of writers. Someday. 


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