Day 69: The Skills That Must Be Taught

Kamentz, A. (2016, August 2). 3 things people can do in the classroom that robots can't. nprEd. Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
A 2013 study from Oxford University famously estimated that 47 percent of all jobs are in danger of automation. And earlier this year, the World Economic Forum said 5 million jobs might be gone in just the next four years.
These changes create a huge challenge for schools and teachers. But there are also some intriguing indicators of the way forward.
Kamentz puts it this way, the skills that must be taught, those skills that make us "unautomatable" in our work is the ability to:
Give a hug, solve a mystery, tell a story.
Hug: empathy, collaboration, communication and leadership skills
Mystery: generating questions, curiosity, problem solving
Story: finding what's relevant, applying values, ethics, orals to a situation. Creating using aesthetic principles.

Connection to Current/Future Work:
I need to read the Oxford longer report that this was generated from (it's already in my daily reading folder)
I think I will include this short article in one of my EDEF 201 Introduction to teaching online discussions.


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