Day 111 Creating a Circle of Mana Wahine

Source: Friedman, A. (2016, October 28). Can't find a mentor? Look to your peers. New York Magazine. Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
This article is really about the lack of older female mentors, which is not necessarily true in education, but true in other careers. The author's point, though, is to look for peers and create your own what I call mana wahine circle, also known as critical friends. 

Her advice: 
  • get vulnerable
  • recognize that some problems are generation-specific
  • amplify each other (amen)
  • find your peers in other fields
  • recommend each other
  • play a long game (peer mentoring is about mutual investment in the long run)
Connections to My Current/Future Work:

It's not really a connection, just a confirmation of what I knew. Also, that as I get older and have more years in my own career, I need to remember that I need to invest in people that follow, which I try to do. 


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