things I can't do with an iphone

1. Type this blog with any kind of speed that's not considered geriatric.
2. Figure out how to put pics on this blog if my pics are not uploaded to an Internet site.
And finally,
3. Type this blog without looking like a lame-o old lady who does not have her multiple finger cheating on my test taking abilities down.
Still, since I'm on way to San Antonio, my husband says why do you need to take your computer, you have your iPhone? It can do everything you want it to do.
So, in order to save space for books I'm going to scrounge for free, I am without my laptop. I have 4 days to figure out how to get my iPhone to work for me so that I too can be an iPhone weiner.


Maui Titah said…
Don't want to sound old fashioned but what did people (including me)do without technology? As a kid, I remember using a washing machine which had a wringer attachment. We starched our clothes by boiling Chinese starch in a pot in the kitchen and carrying the boiling HOT, viscous, grayish mush to the wash house in the garage to starch the sheets, pillow cases, khaki pants, and work shirts. We hung our clothes on clothes lines which stretched from one side of our yard to the other. Clothes dried quickly in the hot Lahaina sun.

And we were among the Modern families. The Nakamoto family down the street had their big tarai (pakini) filled with scalding hot water to boil their sheets and stuff. We could tell it was laundry day by the smell of burning wood for their fire to "cook" their clothes.

Our clothes line was not only for clothes. If our fishermen friends brought fish and tako (octopus), my mom would dry the fish in fish boxes and "hang" the tako on the clothes line to dry. All of this had to take place on non-laundry days. Fish dried quickly in the Lahaina sun. Opelu, akule seasoned with Hawaiian salt or shoyu-sugar-ginger. Yum...did you know that in order to buy dried ahi at KTA, it costs $6.99 for 4 OUNCES?

Is technology making our lives easier or stressful? There is something to be said about old fashioned times when people had to work hard. A good night's sleep remedies the tired muscles of hard work. But today in these fast and stressful times, not all of the work wearies can be remedied by a good night's sleep.

What does the future hold for us at this rate?

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