Friday, November 28, 2008

Bring on Christmas

Christmas tree
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My husband bought himself a large ticket item while I was in San Antonio. It will probably be his Christmas, birthday and anniversary gift for the next couple of years. Was I surprised? No. He's been talking about getting a stand up paddle board for months, and after 21 years, I know that once he gets an idea in his head, the result is that the thought will eventually become reality. Long story short, he set up all my trees and brought up all my boxes of Christmas stuff before I got home from Texas.

I hate shopping, standing in line, wrapping and all crafty/homemaker pursuits that are associated with Christmas. However, I love my Christmas trees an.d I love, love, love my ornaments. The only thing I love more than my ornaments are the icicle lights outside my house and the ones on the 2nd floor lanai that stay up all year long. So when Ken put up my trees and tested my lights, I didn't care what he bought, I had a job to do!

The big tree is the rotating tree. Yes, it makes noise like an old man with creaking knees, but it turns which means I can fully load it up. Two identical trees are the snowman tree and the fairy tree. The other seven trees are for the miniature ornaments. It usually takes me a whole week of grouchiness to get everything out of their original boxes, onto the right tree, etc. but this year with the trees set up and placed, it took only two full grouchy days. I probably wouldn't be so grouchy if I let other people help and Pono would love to help, but somehow, boys and men don't know how to space things out on the tree the way I want it. For example, I have three shimmery fish, 22 ornaments in the Frosty and Friends series, 4 Father Christmases, 7 Disney villains, etc. so they have to be spaced out on the rotating tree. They can't be close together and no ornaments should be too close to each other or too far away. See the problem? Even the miniature trees have themes. Either way, it's the end of Black Friday, I still have money and the decorations are done. Ken even put up the outside lights and my little lighted snowmen and candy canes in the yard, so we're ready for the Christmas craziness. Bring it on! Who cares if I'll only put the outside lights on for half an hour because of the whopping electric bill I know is coming soon. Christmas can come right now. We are not afraid!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Come to San Antonio

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I'm finally on my way home, and yes, I did figure out how to blog on my iPhone, but wow, busy, busy, busy. Ok, I'm on a free internet computer at the Houston Airport, so I need to type fast. According to the countdown clock, I have 17:15 and counting down.

5 Reasons to come to San Antonio

1. The food downtown (sorry, it's probably great around other parts of San Antonio, but I've never been here with a car) is FABULOUS! I don't know if it's TEX-MEX, but yum! My favorite so far is Boudros. I like the guacamole for two that they make right at your table, and their steaks are wonderful. I also like the wild appetizer with the polenta. Another place that was good was Zunis they have this soup with beer, it's one of a kind.

2. The boat tour along the river - if you're a history buff, an architect buff, or just plain niele, this boat tour is pretty cheap and very informative as long as you get the right guide that talks loud enough.

3. The River Walk is just beautiful. I've been here in July and now in November and when it's cold and blustery up on the street level, it's warmer on the River Walk and vice versa for the summer.

4. Navigation - if you don't need to be on a wheel chair, then walking is the best way to see the downtown area. I like to stay on the River Walk because it feels safer when I'm traveling alone, but on the street level, there are lots of signs, and the homeless man that asked me for money still gave me directions even if I didn't have anything to give him. Plus, somehow, the River Walk seems to wind in a different direction than the street, I don't know how to explain this, but I get lost up top because I'm going in the wrong direction half the time.

5. (I have 9:37 before it boots me off) The people are used to tourists, so it's really easy to get help, information, suggestions. In other words they are really friendly. Pau

I just got an email from American for round trip flights over Christmas break Honolulu to San Antonio for $585. That's cheap!

Signing off with 5 minutes to go.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No laptop

No laptop
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I'm hoping that this will work, but it's basically emailing the photo to my flickr account, then setting up my flickr so that it upload to my blog. If this actually works, then all I have to do is practice my no looking texting technique. My son says I can't look at the keyboard, I just have to feel the keys like some zen experience. He must have been cheat texting for a long time.

things I can't do with an iphone

1. Type this blog with any kind of speed that's not considered geriatric.
2. Figure out how to put pics on this blog if my pics are not uploaded to an Internet site.
And finally,
3. Type this blog without looking like a lame-o old lady who does not have her multiple finger cheating on my test taking abilities down.
Still, since I'm on way to San Antonio, my husband says why do you need to take your computer, you have your iPhone? It can do everything you want it to do.
So, in order to save space for books I'm going to scrounge for free, I am without my laptop. I have 4 days to figure out how to get my iPhone to work for me so that I too can be an iPhone weiner.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Battle of the Bards

For the second round of the 16 Bars competition, the rappers and slam poets get a topic, so tonight the topic was "Wiwoole (the retail store) is the bomb." They got one week to write and memorize. It's not really what he writes about, but that was the purpose - to keep them on their toes. Ahi made it through again, so will post soon!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

"While we breathe, we hope"

Sitting in front of the TV on Tuesday and listening to Obama's victory speech really brought home the idea that this is indeed a historical event. The media threw that idea around, but in my lifetime, I didn't feel that this election was historical in the way watching the Twin Towers fall on CNN or seeing the Challenger blow up was historical. The message is not unusual. We've heard it before, but said now, said in this way, with these words strung together like a Baptist sermon, with the pulse of the crowd as they stood in silence, save for the call and response, "yes we can." That's history, "our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared." Hundreds of miles away, whole continents of people that watched or listened to his speech shared breath with those people watching him, and the message really resounded. . . "while we breathe, we hope."