Google Reader as a PD tool

128px-feed-iconsvg.png Have you noticed this logo either next to your URL address or on a website like a blog or news site? This is the RSS logo (really simple syndication) that basically allows you to subscribe to a site (like this blog), and every time there is a new post on the site, the new post title shows up on your RSS reader, or aggregator. Your blog has an RSS logo too so I could "subscribe" to your blog and be notified when you have a new posting. You are not obligated to read every post unless the title of the post is something that you want to read about. The object here is to be in the know, not to be overwhelmed with information. One of the better RSS readers is Google Reader (although I personally use Flock, Flock is not for everyone).

To make Google Reader easier to use, Webware has just posted online videos and links to more that give tutorials on how to use Google Reader.

Using RSS is probably one of the first things those new to Web 2.0 will want to learn, and this video incorporates some of the recent changes to Google Reader.


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