Day 70: Learning Value of Pokemon Go

Doran, L. & Davis, M.R. (2016, August 2). Educators weigh learning value of Pokemon Go. Education Week. Retrieved from

What is Sacred:
I don't know about sacred, but what I know for sure is that Pokemon Go has taken over my household. I am a proud non-user, however, my son and my husband will suddenly yell out, hey there's a (insert Pokemon name here) in the garage, etc. When my husband wants me to go to the store with him, it means that I need to co-pilot by spinning the icon at Poke stops.

So as a long time educator in middle and secondary, even if I do not play, I need to be able to understand the trends and memes and quickly incorporate this into the classroom as part of the curriculum as well as part of creating relationships, so I was interested in hearing what other educators had to say.

Connection to Current/Future Work:
I'm thinking that this definitely needs to be woven into my EDEF 345: Introduction to middle/secondary education course as well as my practicum or reading and writing across the curriculum class. I think for the reading and writing across the curriculum, we could use some of the features of Pokemon Go - the mapping, the emphasis on historical landmarks and statues in order to incorporate some of these elements in their multi-genre research project.

For the practicum course, they could go into their community that they are teaching at, find some Poke stops and tell us about it and what role/impact that stop has on their community.


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