Day 73: Not What I'm Looking For

Aseron, J, Greymorning, S.N., Miller, A. & Wilde, S. (2013). Cultural safety circles and indigenou peoplesʻ perspectives: Inclusive practices for participation in higher education. Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 6(4), 409-416.

What is Sacred:
The title is sacred. I had high hopes that I found my answer. 

Not quite.
So here is what is sacred. The abstract, especially,
 The application of Cultural Safety Circles can help provide a collective space where definitions for cultural and educational exchange can take place and be
identified. It is through this application that a discussion is presented on how the inherent issue of cultural safety, as it pertains to participation in higher education, can be explored to a deeper understanding.
Like the movie trailers that put their best stuff in the trailers and when you go to the movie, you are disappointed that the best thing about the movie was the trailer, you know that feeling. Yeah.

Connections to Current/Future Work:
This is what I am looking for - sanctuaries within the university where all people who want to can come and discuss issues important to the culture of our teaching, to the culture of our university. I am looking for a kuahuokalā that writes the paper and expresses my manaʻo for me. That is what I want. To not have to write my own story and explain everything. I want to write poetry, not "peer-reviewed journal articles." I am looking for a journal article that can write my article.

Why this is not what I am looking for: it is focused on cultural safety circles for Indigenous people. We have that. I don't need to write about that. I want to break out of our safety circle by inviting other non-Hawaiians in who are just as invested to learn without colonizing us and then bring it into their own university classrooms to practice what you learn and respect the place you work in by helping to create a safe culture in your own classroom.


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