Day 145 Writing to Tell a Story

Meyer, M. (2014). Hoea ea: Land education and food sovereignty in Hawaii. Environmental Education Research 20:1, pp. 98-101. 

What is Sacred:

I really hate writing. I am struggling to finish an overdue article and the word count is SOOOOO long for me. I write poems. My dissertation was under 75 pages and they accepted it and published it. So when I keep getting told that I need to publish articles, ugh. I just want to teach.

But this short article by Manu Meyer gives me a little more hope. It is a very short article that tells the story of the work that her colleagues do. Her job is just to put her name on it and tell the story. 

Maybe I can do that. Just tell the story. Can I do it in poetry form?

Connection to Current/Future Work:
Write, dammit. 


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