iphone envy

Despite the articles on how long people waited for iphones yesterday, or how messed up the server was, or how some people were sent away at the end of the day without a new iphone, I still want one. No, I crave one. I get back to Hilo on Monday. Do I think my local AT&T store by Ben Franklin will have one saved special just for me? Probably. . .NOT. Still, I'm going to be there on Tuesday morning to check anyway.
Why do I want an iphone? Because then I can use brightkite the way it's supposed to be used. How ridiculous is that? The more ridiculous thing is that my husband knows that and he's still letting me try and get an iphone. If I find out that I can't do brightkite on my iphone, then I will be truly pissed off.
I think that cell phones should look like mini phone receivers, and be made specifically to call people and receive calls. I don't think that cell phones should do anything else, like make light for commercials, take pictures of girls' panties, film a beef in the parking lot, or any other thing that can be done on a computer, a camera or a video recorder. I believe that phones should have a place to talk and a place to listen and it should NOT look like a deck of cards or take the place of my ipod which I LOVE. HOWEVER, taking a picture of my location and bright kiting it even if I'm in the middle of Kohala, or without any kind of internet service in Keauhou is SO WORTH getting an iphone.
I think if Hilo has no iphone, I will be so sad. I think if Hilo does have an iphone for me, but when I get it I find that I can't bright kite on it, I will be apoplectic (vocab word of the week)! If you already know that I will be disappointed, then don't say anything. Either way, leave me in the dark. It's like I'm waiting for that after Christmas sale to start and I'm jockeying for position in front of those old Japanese women that are threatening to push their way in front of me. If I have to take grandma out to get to that last roll of wrapping paper (read iphone), then believe me, I will.
K-den. Until Tuesday.


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