Mana'o on fatness

The problem with being married to a foodie is that our life, both on vacation and off, is a singular pursuit of food. Food is not sustenance. Food is an obsession. It is a one-track mindedness, a quest, a voyage, and a way for my husband to follow his whims. For a control freak like me, this is not very conducive to planning ahead. When we are on vacation, like now, I like to have my whole day mapped out at least the night before with a pretty solid itinerary of the week already down. After 20 years of marriage, I do allow for my husband's whims because of the one-track mindedness. Still, with internet and our handy portable gps, things just get more tiring, which leads back to fatness. Yesterday, it was Chuy's for lunch. Why? Because he met someone on Britekite from Houston and they started corresponding about food. When we got there, I asked him what kind of food they served. His answer. . . "I don't know." That means we had to order a lot of food to figure out what was good. Fatness. For dinner, he wanted steak. The concierge gave us a dining magazine and I had to look up every steak place they mentioned, get to their website, read their menus, read the reviews and that's how we ended up at Fogo de Chao. Why? Because it was all you can eat and they came around with lots of different skewered meats, so that my husband, who agonizes constantly over what he should order, could try different things. Fatness. Today it was dim sum for lunch. Back on the computer, look at reviews, program the gps. We even made my son eat chicken feet because we came all that way. (Pic. above)
For dinner, my husband wanted BBQ, so we went 20 miles away to get all you can eat barbeque. Tomorrow my mother-in-law says she wants to just eat salad. Yeah, I'm not going to even look that one up. Thank goodness for Steve and Barry's where I could get Sarah Jessica Parker's bitten jeans for 8.95 each. Fatness - I had to get a bigger size than I wanted to, but at least I can breathe in my pants.


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