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Dear AT&T,
Why do your plethora of plans have to be so complicated? I have the family plan. Just my teenager and me. He has unlimited texting, I have nothing right now because I don't know how to use my phone for anything besides dialing and answering. So, to lure me into upgrading my ghetto, but perfectly usable phone, you enticed me with the iphone hoopla and not only expect me to pay the cheaper $199 price, but you don't have them in stock, so I have to order it, wait my one month AND decide on a plan, because an iphone is a smart phone, so the options are different. If we go with a family plan, then it doesn't make sense for me to have an iphone unless we all have iphones. However, with the unlimited stuff plan, it doesn't come with texting, so you have unlimited except for texting. Teenagers are all about texting. My other option is to get the family plan for more than my contract price, AND pay an extra $30 per month for the iphone. Your rep. tells me to feel free to change characters, but where am I supposed to go? Dead zones are not the problem. It's all these darn options!


Blaine said…

I was already on AT&T when iPhone 1 came out. I waited a week and bought a brand new, in the box iPhone off Craigslist.org. Local seller, met and inspected sealed box. Paid cash.

Took phone home, pulled sim chip from existing AT&T phone, jammed it into iPhone. Voila! Added $20/month rider for me. Rest of 'ohana on Family Plan, $9 a month per phone extra.

Bought kiddo text rider with 200 TXT/mo for $5 more. Pau.

But I've seen 4gb iPhones for $175 lately. Cheap. I'm looking for used one to give to kiddo, add $20 rider, he's in business.

Get kids to use FREE AIM chat app for iPhone 2.0. Or can use GoogleTalk to chat live.

Cathy Ikeda said…
Ok, sounds like an easier plan to me.

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