Rant on Chocolate

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I've been doing pretty good on my Weight Watchers journey, but I'm being undermined by Christmas chocolates like these gourmet dark chocolate confections in their own little cubicle, packed in bubble wrap and designed like jewels.
Some people are alcoholics, drug addicts, shopoholics. . . I'm a chocoholic. I shouldn't eat any. Cold turkey is the only way for me to survive. Like all addicts, having even one leads to another, leads to another (you get the picture). So this Christmas, the chocolate fudge, led to the truffles, led to the chocolate chip cookies, led to the hot cocoa, and the Buster bars at Dairy Queen. Help!


Maui Titah said…
Hate to add to your addiction torture but have to tell you about the fabulous chocolates by Melanie Boudar. She has a bed and breakfast in Volcano and heard her speak and tasted her chocolatey pearls on the week before she moved to Kailua, Oahu to set up a chocolate store!! As a former diamond buyer, she got into chocolate making from the ground up, literally from selecting cocoa beans from farmers in Central America.
Her chocolates have a high ratio of cocoa butter and are creamy without being plasticky.
You can purchase her sampler at Volcano Winery...an eight piece box is $12.50 and you need to place a order since she ships only about 20 boxes at a time and they sell out so quickly.
You have lived or died until you've had some of her chocolates.

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