Quieting the Evil Fudge Monsters

Hubby made two kinds of fudge this year. One tastes like a homemade PB Reece's cup and this one is a chocolate fudge with chopped pistachio nuts. This shouldn't be a problem since we did say that we wanted to make gifts this year so we made corned beef and yam lau lau, mini chocolate and cream cheese truffles, candied walnuts and pecans, and those dreaded fudge monsters.

The problem with making all these goodies is that eventually, we run out of people to give these gifts to, so now I'm stuck with two pans of fudge in my freezer. What's more appalling is that not only are they precut into nice little pieces, but they keep calling me! I'm trying to keep busy so I don't think about it. AAGGH!

Anyone want some fudge?


Maui Titah said…
Fudge is almost a foreign food in Hawaii although I have wonderful memories of thick chunks of fudge made by Franciscan nuns at Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina. I think they sold the fudge for 25 cents a piece which in those days was expensive. During recess, I'd take my expensive piece of candy and find a spot under the shower trees and chip off a little piece of fudge, let it melt in my mouth and savor the flavor.
As an adult, I've had divinity fudge at a rodeo on the mainland. The candy was so sweet, it would set your teeth on edge.
Rather than sweet stuff, let's talk about local favorites like Chinese seeds of various types: crackseed, li hing mui, salty seeds, football seeds. Of the Sunday matinee movie snacks, the queen of them all was the dried abalone. You need a pocket knife to shave off a thin slice an leave it in your mouth and make it last a long time. For a kid, the dried abalone was about $10 which was an enormous sum considering that soda was 5 cents a bottle, and a package of seeds was 10 cents. Our snack magnet was Len's Sweet Shop which was right near the Pioneer Theater in Lahaina. If we went to Queen Theater, then we'd stop off at Kidani's for snacks. I think I ate my fill of seeds, particularly my favorite salty seeds which were white with salt.
But I do dearly love the peanut butter mochi which my grandson Pono makes. Shall I ask Santa for 6 peanut butter mochi from Pono? Oh Pono!!

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